A few “things” I don’t miss…

Living some where warm does have it’s disadvantages… We have had a few unwanted guests in our house in the last year and these showed up before it was even hot.  I don’t even want to know who’s been crawling around the house right now.  Let me introduce our little friends…

Mr. Slug - not dangerous but slimy and gross

Ant Army - literally marching their way to my food pantry/shelf, but this was after we attacked them.

They have sent out reinforcements many times...

Mr. Ugly, don't know is real name, bug. He's hairy, ewwww.

This is called a "child of the earth" I think. They bite. It was stuck on my sock. I was not happy, but I survived.

Scorpion. It needs no explanation. We have found several, the most recent in the dirty laundry pile. Just one more reason to love doing laundry....

So what do you think?
  1. carrie says:

    I was just wondering, do you scream first or take the picture than panic?

    • sonotmexican says:

      Scream, call for Saul to save me, and when I know the little critter is under control I take the picture…lol


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