So about me…. This is awkward.

OK well here it goes

I’m Amber.  Hi.  I’m kind of shy in real life.I’m from Canada, but a little town in Mexico stole my heart a long time ago!
It’s where home is for me now,
where I live with my amazing husband and 4 kids ,
and where we do life serving Jesus together.

Some of my passions and fave things are adoption, chocolate, creating and design, pb+j (has to be raspberry jam), metal furniture, photography, summer camp, peppermint tea, helping the hurting, the beach, books and well what else is there? hee hee

But really the thing I believe in most is LOVE.
Not fluffy, shallow, cheap valentine’s day chocolate kind of love….

but real,life changing, live like Jesus did, give your life away LOVE.

Love changes everything. At least it has for me….
Because love is a lifestyle and that’s how I choose to live!