An Unforgettable Birthday

The other day I went to a birthday party.  It may have been the most memorable party I have ever gone too.

To start off let me tell you what was not at this party.

There were no invitations

No friends, neighbours, or extended family (besides me).

No presents.

No decorations.

No party games, hats or favors.

No fancy food dishes.

No piñatas.

The birthday girl didn’t even know it was her birthday until we (her mom, brother and I, who I was giving a ride home) got there.

She turned 13 and she did not know it was her birthday!  If we hadn’t stopped for the cake on the way home her  “special day” would have come and gone without any notice.

That also brought to my attention that she went to school and her birthday was not noted or celebrated in any way.  That was so surprising to me.

It was the most simple party I have ever been too.  I felt humbled to be the only guest.

But can I tell you something? There was nothing but pure joy in that little house.  It did no matter to her that she had almost been forgotten. No, she was giddy with joy because  she had been remembered! I don’t know if I have ever been to a party where there has been so much laughter and love coming from one family.  Her Mom was so excited that she could bring her a cake.  Her siblings mouths overflowed with smiles and giggles, enjoying every moment of the rare celebration.   They were genuinely happy to celebrate their sister, even though many of their own birthdays had passed by forgotten.  We celebrated in the dim light from a single candle, as there is no electricity in their neighbourhood, eating chocolate cake and sharing much laughter.  All I can say is that I left that home changed.  It was a party I will never forget.

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