Christmas 2012

Our Christmas was pretty great!   It was pretty laid back, so that made it more enjoyable.   I hate it when we are running around like crazy people from place to place!It was not like that at all this year, thankfully!

A few things I want to remember about this Christmas…

The sweet and genuine gratitude each of my children showed for their gifts which were not numerous or extravagant.

They love and appreciated each one  sincerely.   Brielle’s delight in her special “princess” christmas dress.  She wore it 3 days in a row, how I could I not let her?   Kayden’s excitement in getting new spiderman shoes from his Abuela… “It’s just what I wanted!”  jumping up and down.   Seeing how much Gloria enjoys seeing others recieve presents.  She is a giver! Moi’s overflow of thankyou’s for what he thought were the perfect gifts from us(2 sweatshirts and a mp3 player)  He thanked us all day long, it was so sweet. Enjoying a warm Christmas Eve evening by a fire outside.

Making my first turkey dinner ever and it turning out pretty good!

All my kids loved it including the pickiest who bodly proclaimed ”  I love turkey Mommy!” Having over another family that we love  to share our meal with!

Much to me older children’s pleasure they brought tomales, a favorite Mexican dish. The surprise of special gifts from them who have so very little!

The delight and laughter of putting together gingerbread houses together! So many good little moments and memories to remember and treasure. Truly blessed!    

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