Come in… It’s Christmas!

Come on in.

Grab a mug.

Have a cup of a cocoa.

Make some sweets.

Curl up on the couch.

Or sit by our tree.

Spend some time with us.

I wish that it was that easy!  I would love to have you over!

I haven’t been spending much time here in the blog world, but that’s cause I have been busy at home. 

We have been enjoying the season of Christmas together.  

I love Christmas!  Usually we are pretty busy doing different things in the community, visiting people, giving gifts, helping those in need.  I love that.

But this year what I wanted to give most was memories for the kids in my home.

Last year we were 4, and now we are six.  This is the start of many more Christmas’s  and I want them to remember the simple things we did together.

My home and my heart are very full!  

Merry Christmas!


So what do you think?
  1. Carla B says:

    I wish it were that easy too! I love all the nifty , crafty , yummy time you spent building memories for your kids. Merry Christmas from our clan to yours.


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