DIY – Balloons from Christmas Ornaments

I didn’t really like my Christmas tree.  It was full of random mix-matched ornaments.    I knew that next year their is a fairly good chance that the tree will look the same, since I seem to forget what I have and by the time I take everything out I don’t feel like making new things.  So to prevent that, I decided to get rid of some of the ornaments I disliked now so that I wouldn’t have to deal with them next year.

By “getting rid” of them, I mean I tossed them into a box of donations in our storage room, and would eventually deal with them later.

I was kind of thinking, hmmm what I could I do with them, then I forgot about them.

I remembered them  a few weeks later, when I was preparing for our little celebration for Gloria.  I had picked up a few helium filled balloons, for the table, but I wanted something more.

So out I ran to pick up tossed (plastic) ornaments.  Most my ideas come from wanting to use, or in this case re-use, something I already have.

Looking at them I thought… Balloons.  These could be cute balloons!  Simply put, I hot glued scrap fabric onto each ornament.

I wrapped the fabric around the bottom and glued it into place, tied the excess fabric on the end and then trimmed the rest.  

The I put in a stick with hot glue and repeated the process with the rest of them.

I did these pretty quick as I had no idea what time Gloria would be home from school, and I wanted to be done before she got there.

I hot glued three of them together, then glued the bunch to the bottom of these jars.  The heart was made with hot glue and confetti.  Doing half a heart at a time worked best.   Brielle helped.  This is why I don’t do crafts as often as I would like, ha ha!

I used some of the scraps to embellish the jar with the confetti in it.I think I will be finding pieces of confetti in my house for a loooooooong time.

Well worth it though!

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