DIY – Baseball Garland/Banner

As much as I love decorating, I found it hard to get excited about decorating for  a baseball theme party.  Baseball is, well, kind of boring… not to mention the fact that I know my son couldn’t care less how I decorated. Needless to say I was not very motivated, but I did want to make something.  In the end, Kayden and I made a baseball garland/banner with his name on it.  I like that it was a project we could do together and it turned out pretty cute.

First we punched out circles

Then I drew 2 red curved lines

He drew the leather thread lines

I sewed them all together

It turned out like this.

So there you have it.  A quick and easy baseball banner!

So what do you think?
  1. Denna says:

    that’s cute! I’ve never tried sewing paper circles together, though have thought of it many times…how hard it it? I guess it would help if I could find the power cord for my machine….and then if I knew how to use it…..maybe that should be a summer project!


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