DIY – Coffee Jar

IMG_5584It has been so long since I have done any sort of DIY project.  Yesterday I saw this empty jam jar on my counter and I thought what can I do with it….

I glanced around and saw the not so visually  appealing plastic coffee container that I often try to hide, but always seems to be on the counter anyways.  I decided to give our coffee grounds a new home that I actually wouldn’t mind having on my counter from now on.  IMG_5531I didn’t have a whole lot of time.  I remember that I had some fun tape in my craft stash.  I hardly ever buy craft supplies any more when I go to the US.  I have come to realize that most of it is unnecessary and I can make  a lot of unique and beautiful things using supplies I already have…

BUT I have seen lots of projects online that use fun patterned duct tape and washii tape, so I splurged on one of each awhile ago. IMG_5598 I simply taped 2 strips of denim duct tape around the jarIMG_5539IMG_5540Then I tore strips to make the letters. IMG_5565 Cafe is coffee is spanish, but you probably know that…. IMG_5571Did you know that I never drank coffee until this past year?  I was determined to not become one of those people who “needed” a cup of joe to get through the day.  Then I became the mom of 4.

End. Of. Story.

Anyways, I finished the lid off with a bit more tape and that’s it.  IMG_5548Took about 10 minutes.  IMG_5584This one will stay on the counter.

So what do you think?
  1. Denna says:

    cute!! it’s so nice to stop and do a quick craft! (that doesn’t make a mess!) I too have always said that I’d stay away from the coffee…..I think it would be the 5th child that would push me over the coffee edge!! heh heh.


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