DIY – Fall Paper Bunting and Pinwheels




On my recent trip to San Diego I didn’t have a lot of $ to spend but I had a lot of extra time and I found myself drawn into Michael’s. All that sweet craft staff was calling my name! So I splurged, a little. On this…

yes 2 sheets of scrapbook paper and some denim patterned duck tape (that was on sale for 30% off ). I learned this summer that patterned duct tape is “in” these days, and since then I’ve been wanting to get some of my own. It’s funny how something so small and simple can bring such joy. A few days later I got to work. I started with this fall/thanksgiving banner. Cut out flags. Stamp on letters. Cut strips of duck tape to stick the flags onto string. Easy.

Then made a mini one to add some color to my picture frame.Really simple and easy to make.

Then I made some pinwheels to add to my fall table decorations. On a side note, my older children were freaked out that I had bought a “halloween” pumpkin. They were very confused as pumpkins here are a symbol of the darkness that takes place on halloween. I simply explained that it is a vegetable that can be used for decoration and later for pies, and that we wouldn’t do anything “crazy” like carve it. Interesting how christians in different cultures see things so differently.

I finished off the rest of the paper making a few pinwheels. I found a tutorial here. I hot glued mine together though (surprise, surprise).


So those were my quick little fall crafts. Well, they would have been quick if I hadn’t been interrupted 20 times by little people… ha ha. That’s life with kids!

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