DIY – frame with hanging photos

My walls are concrete.  That is a problem when you want to hang up a picture.  You can’t just quickly put in a little nail….. no you have to drill a screw in.  Not so simple, and not so great if you change your mind about where you want it.  That said, I have been forced to find some creative solutions to hang up my pictures.  I started with this…  It was in my house when we moved in.  Don’t you just love the brown sky and matching brown ship?  Gag.

I had no problem taking apart the frame and ripping out the painted fabric.  I ironed the fabric I had chosen to replace it.  It was a little too bold for me so I covered it with a sheer fabric to tone it down a bit.  I trimmed the edges.I wrapped the fabric around the  inside frame.
Then I tightened the fabric and nailed it into place on the outside.  A stapler would have been a lot easier and faster but Saul’s’ was buried somewhere in his truck and I didn’t want to waste time looking for it.  I also added a string to hang photos on.  Then I popped the inner frame back into the outer frame.The final touch was adding a bit of scrap doily that I hot glued to a  little chalkboard that I had broken the frame of and was hoping to find a use for.  So glad I saved it.  Then I just shoved it into the corner.  It was a really easy and quick project.  I like that I can change the pictures easily when I want..  I just love being able to transform something so ugly into something beautiful!

So what do you think?
  1. Denna says:

    cute DIY!! That fabric with large yellow roses looks so vintage, reminds me of something….? I find those velvet paintings so horrible but fascinating, I would have kept it if it hadn’t of been ripped! I had one on my wall in Eston :) If you ever see one of a bullfighter, save it for me!!!


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