DIY – LEGO Ninjago Party

IMG_4274So a few weeks ago my boy turned 6.  Six.  I can not believe how fast time goes.  I know that you always hear that, especially from people who’s kids are all grown up, but it is TRUE.  Time is flying by!   It makes me both happy (to see him grow and change) and sad.  IMG_4093Mostly it makes me want to make the most of today.  Soak him up while I can.  It makes me want to cuddle him more, read extra books at night, and ignore the housework to play the memory game one more time.  I just don’t want to have any regrets.IMG_4130

We had been talking about his party for awhile now.  Like since before Christmas!  He is one of the most persistent people I know.  He wanted a LEGO Ninjago party.  It was pretty easy to come up with ideas.  I took him out on a little date the week before to work out some of the details.  We looked at ideas on pinterest and then made the plan.

Here is what we did (hopefully this can be helpful to some one else too):

Invites and Decorations:  My printer is out of ink so I had to make the invites by hand with some paper I had already.  We sketched a Ninjago guy and then made our own little stencil.  Invitations are probably my least favourite part of doing a party.  They turned out pretty good though.  IMG_4088The inside decorations were pretty easy.  Just some streamers and a few yellow balloons covered with crepe paper ninja masks. IMG_4145

IMG_4122I also made ninja headbands out of old shirts I bought second hand here.  They were a hit.  What boy doesn’t want to be a Ninja?IMG_4107Food: Pizza. He always wants this, and I love it, because it’s easy and all the kids like it.

We looked online at Ninjago cakes and, of course, the things he wanted looked pretty hard, so Saul I came up with this together.  IMG_4138I have been learning how to make and use fondant. This is a really good and easy recipe if you want to give it a try.  Kayden loved it!IMG_4319IMG_4325IMG_4327Thankfully he had forgotten about the amazing pro cakes he had seen before.  Ha ha.

Games:  So there aren’t  a lot of options for parties in our small town, so “the thing to do” is rent some sort of inflatable jumbing house.  Thankfully it’s fairly inexpensive ($50-$100 depending on the size and type you get for the day). We don’t do this every year, but we decided to splurge a little. IMG_0786IMG_4153I think the “boy” who loved it the most was the oldest brother.  He was definitely  making up for his lack of play time in one.  So funny.IMG_0787

Saul made a Ninja treasure hunt for the kids.  They followed clues around our property. IMG_4222 With each clue they had to do some sort of Ninja move before the clue was read to them.  They loved this!  Perfect activity for a bunch of 5-6 year olds. IMG_4229 At the end they had to fight (more like tackle)  the “bad guy” also known as big brother, who loved playing the part.  The treasure chest was full of the favors we made to give out.  IMG_4259IMG_4268Last activity was a piñata.  It’s just not a real Mexican birthday  party without a piñata.  For reals.  Kayden picked spiderman.  IMG_4286I was kind of both relieved and dissapointed that I didn’t have to redo the piñata like I did last year ( I was going to link last years post about the piñata but the photos aren’t showing up.  I do not know how to fix this.  Sorry). It was a fun little project, but it was nice to not have to do the extra work with something that was going to be torn apart anyways.IMG_4298

Favors: I filled clear little cups (with lids) with a few layers of different candies, tied a piece of crepe paper for a Ninja mask, and glued the lego eyes on top.  Easy and super cute!IMG_4101IMG_4104

The party was definitely a success.  Meaning:  Kayden had a blast!  To me, the point of a birthday party is that my child feels special, treasured and has fun with people he loves.  I do enjoy working on some details that I know he will like and be excited about,  but I don’t stress over every little thing, or worry if everything matches or not.  He doesn’t care about those things.   At the end of the day, I just want him to know he is worth being celebrated!

IMG_4345 I think he did.

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