DIY – Restored Metal Locker

If their is something that I am passionate about it is restoration.  Their is something beautiful about taking something unwanted, forgotten and undervalued and giving it purpose, new life, and worth.  That’s what love does.  It transforms, it restores.   It brings out the beauty of what looks like nothing.  Of course these beliefs and values I have about life and people seem to naturally bubble over into other parts of my life too…. like in furniture.  I just love love love finding something old, rusty, and on it’s way to the dump and making it something beautiful and purposeful.  Like this thing.  IMG_6308 It sure don’t look like much.  It was in our storage room when we moved in.  It was full of rust. IMG_6318I saw potential!

Thankfully Saul has learned by now to trust my crazy ideas, since they usually turn out pretty good in the end.  This was no exception.

I couldn’t have done it with out him.  He took it apart.  IMG_6321Sanded down the sides.

One side was not usable so we decided that if we had it up against the wall no one would know.  IMG_5807He made shelfs.  IMG_5804I was pretty specific about where I wanted them, since I knew what I was going to put inside.

Then he painted it.

My new craft cupboard. IMG_2164 I LOVE it.

It’s one of my favorite projects so far!  Take a look inside.  IMG_2092Bottom shelf is an assortment of scrapbook paper.  IMG_2116Next shelf has my sewing machine, the kids coloring stuff, play dough and inside the yellow container is felt material.  IMG_2126The shelf above has buttons my sewing box and fabric scraps.IMG_2133Behind the things in front… my fabric stash.IMG_2144IMG_2146

Top shelf has a basket full of old magazines the kids often use for school, rolls of crepe paper and a box with small random picture frames (which I don’t know what to do with yet).IMG_2136IMG_2154IMG_2150

So there it is.  My craft cupboard, or “locker”.  I even decorate it like a locker inside, with lots of my favorite things inside (a coloring page I did, an old engagement photo of us, my little brother when he was little, and a collage Gloria made).IMG_2101

See what I mean?  Isn’t restoration beautiful?!


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