DIY – Quinceañera Decorations

Last Saturday I had the honor of taking part of a girl from the orphanage’s 15 Birthday.  I have mentioned before that 15 birthday’s are a really big deal.  They are a celebration of a girl becoming a women, and are pretty much similar to a wedding with a ceremony and reception.    Many months ago I offered to help with the decorations.  Several afternoons were spent getting ideas and finding what she wanted.  This last week was very busy as we made those ideas into a reality.  Luckily, I had help!   My friend Chelsea, from Canada, came to be a part of the day, and quite honestly I could not have pulled off any of if it without her.  Not only is she brilliantly creative but she is also conveniently  everything I am not – organized, focused and goal orientated.  She got right to work making everything happen.  I helped.  Thank you Chelsea!  You saved me!  Anyways, thanks to her everything turned out beautifully.  The event was held in an old theater at the orphanage.  As always we spent as little as possible, beauty does not have to = spending big bucks!  This is what we did:

First we went to globos and bought a large quantity of clear vases and jars.  They averaged about 10 pesos each

Then we washed and spray painted them.  I saw the idea here

Then we filled each container with sticks and put tissue paper flowers and butterflies on them

We put 3 vases on each table, it looked like this

We also bought 2 frames and spray painted them

We used them for the front table for her picture and a mini chalkboard

We got lots of help from other girls

We also made decorations to hang.  We made some out of paper doily’s and big puffy balls from tissue paper.

We made a butterfly bouquet after we saw this one from Martha.  We found butterflies at a dollar store

I loved how it all turned out!

I love doing stuff like this.  My Mom always tell me that I should be  a “party planner” and honestly I would love that job.  I know God has called me to other things, more important things , but it’s  an honor to use my desire to create and make things beautiful to bless girls that really deserve to be celebrated.  Next week I’ll show you the event itself, and tell you what choked me up….

Here is a sneak peek of the birthday girl…

So what do you think?
  1. Denna says:

    It turned out so very beautiful,
    Amber! Lyra and I love it, and Tasya’s already planning her quincean~era! love the butterfly bouquet! and am thinking of starting to collect glass vases (Henry’s going to love that, not!)
    Can’t wait to see more photos!

  2. Carla B says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Well done ladies! You are so creative…I would be at a total loss for how to decorate for a party. Where did you get the table linens? Is there a rental place in town or does the mission have some? Gloria looks so grown up!

  3. mireya says:

    quedo muy muy bonito.. todo tan sencillo… pero se miraba super bien, son muy creativas las dos…


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