DIY Teen Birthday Party

Without really meaning to, I made Gloria a diy (do it yourself) themed party for her and her friends.

Meaning, everything her and her friends did at the party they did themselves. Does that make sense?

Let me get to the details…

They started with a flag bunting craft. We cut out triangles with thick, white, denim fabric, beforehand. The girls were given permanent markers to write messages or draw pictures on the flags for Gloria. Then they could use a little dropper with what was supposed to rubbing alcohol to make the colors blur a bit. I didn’t have rubbing alcohol on hand so we used nail polish remover and it worked the same. The girls stayed occupied doing this for a long time. I am going to sew the flags together so Gloria can hang it in her room. I found the idea on pinterest (of course) but it is orginally found here.

Then the girls got to make their own pizza’s. I had made the dough beforehand, and put the sauce, cheese and all the different toppings in different bowls. The girls rolled out their own dough and put whatever they wanted on their pizza’s. I just had to pop it in the oven for them!Super easy, for me at least, plus they really seemed to enjoy it!. There was a lot of giggling.

The only set back was some of them had to wait a bit to get their pizza, since I could only fit 3 on a baking pan at a time.

They finished off with decorating the cake.

To be honest, I kind of ran out of time, and didn’t get to finish decorating the cake. Weeks before I had thought of doing a graffiti type cake like my friend Denna did with her daughter but since I had no way of getting edible markers I had given up on the idea… but that is the idea I came back to a few minutes before the party, as stared at the white, boring cake. I ended up making some “paint” colors. I mixed gel food coloring with a little bit of water, corn syrup, and cherry extract (a random combination I came up with after a quick google search}. I wish I had had the time to play with the “paint” a bit more to get the right consistency but I didn’t, so the colors ended up being a little runny and didn’t paint as thick as I would have liked. The girls didn’t seem to care though. They started painting dots but ended up just splattering the whole thing with the different colors. Turned out pretty cute!

So that was my first time planning a teen girl birthday party, it was pretty fun! The birthday girl was happy, and that’s what mattered most!

So what do you think?
  1. aix says:

    Loving the smile the cake brought in right there! :)


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