So last year a friend of mine wanted to take some pics of my house… That was a huge complement to me!   My house is well… me.

I have no idea what you would call my decorating style.

I like color, metal furniture, and vintage mix matched things.

I love to repurpose and redo ugly things that appear to be useless but are truly treasures.

Basically, anything goes.

This is my main floor.

Please come on in!  Some day I’ll put up some recent pics and maybe even show you upstairs!  Thanks for stopping by!

Photo’s compliments of my very talented friend Claudine

So what do you think?
  1. Sydnee says:

    Oh wow! I just found my way to your blog through a friend who is a Hispanic Missionary’s wife. Your blog is very real! And motivating to consider “What is REALLY important?!” And your home is so quaint! I love the bold colors! I’ve said of the latest decorating trends of grey and calm and white and neutral that while they are beautiful, I need colors of the outside! Fall leaves, sunset, springtime green and blue sky blue! And your vintage kitchen items and collections! Love! I’ll follow you now. I’m looking forward to your encouragement! :) Thank you! ~Sydnee


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