From 5 to 6… He’s Home

He’s Home.

To stay.

Our boy, Moises.

On Sunday we went and picked him and his small duffel bag up and brought him home.  The emotions I felt are hard to explain.  I felt so happy that after so many years of waiting for this day… so many tears, so many prayers.. the day had finally come.

But at the same time I was not surprised at all.   The peace God had given us the last few months as we waited to see how God would work in this boy’s life, was indescribable.  I stopped worrying about it months ago.  I just knew God was taking care of our boy, and one day he would be home with us.

As I drove away from his house, taking him from his family, I felt so sad for them.

Sad that they were missing out on this incredible young man.  Sad that even thought he is very loved by them, that is not enough.  He deserves to be with a family who loves him, and can take care of his every need (physical, emotional, and spiritual).

It’s hard, as a mother, to imagine what it would be like to not be able to provide those basic needs for my child.  So although I am so very happy that we get to be the ones to love, parent and provide for him full-time, it’s sad to think of the millions of children living in similar unfortunate circumstances.  Reality is hard to look at.

I am so thankful for God,who is big enough to work in impossible situations.  Only He could have put this all into place.

11 years ago, I met this little boy, and fell in love.  He was cute, but let’s be honest, he was not easy to handle!  His tantrums, where horrendous, and at the orphanage he was labeled as “trouble”  at a very young age.  Something in my heart told me I needed to fight for him.   This boy needed to be loved, valued, and defended.  He was my son. From that day on I prayed that I could be his Mom, and that he would be a part of our family permanently.  I was told countless time he was not adoptable… That  he would probably never leave the orphanage (until 18) and that his family, who faithfully visited him every month would never give him to us.

I am so glad they were all wrong.    Just a few weeks ago Moi’s family approached us, asking us to take him.  Wow.  I can not tell you how many prayers were answered at that moment.  Not just our prayers, but many others who have loved him and fought for him in prayer.  God was always working in Moi’s behalf.  He knew from the beginning were he wanted him.  I can’t believe this time has finally come.  I am so thankful.  God is just so good.

So here we are now.

Finally all together.  

A family of 6….

but don’t stop praying.. this is really only the beginning for us.

So what do you think?
  1. SkyAnne says:

    Yay :-) what a faithful God we serve

  2. Praise Jesus! It’s been so amazing to watch this story unfold in your lives and Moi’s. We’ll keep praying for all of you as you begin the tough work of helping him heal from all his years of living in an institution. My heart aches for that troubled two year old little boy who wouldn’t know what it is to live in a loving family for several more years. So happy that God keeps filling your hearts and home!

  3. Sharon G. says:

    How awesome! I’m so happy for you all!

  4. Jenni says:

    What an incredible journey you have been on until this point. And what a victory God has brought!! SOOOO happy to hear that Moi is finally with you now, blessings on your enlarged family :)

  5. mona payne says:

    So happy for you and your growing family!


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