Getting Ready…

As you can imagine we have been busy these past couple weeks, and the next 2 weeks are going to be even crazier!  Moving is so much work, especially when you are going to another country.  We will be running around like crazy trying to get everything done.  Since we travel by car we have to make sure out vehicle is in top shape, which includes oil changes, new tires, break pads and wind shied.  Then their are passports (Saul and Brielle), travel insurance and last minute shopping.  On top of that is trying to fit in as much time with family and friends as possible. Oh and then we have to pack, and plan for the long drive with 2 kids.  I am tired just thinking about it!  Actually, I am not as stressed as you might think I would be, I have done this before and it always turns out just fine.  God is in control of everything and He always helps us get through all the preparations, and takes care of every care and need.  He is so good and so faithful.  I know that before I know it we will be gone, and I will be missing many wonderful things about our life here!  Even the snow….

Kayden was one very happy little boy!  He had been asking about snow all summer, so he was very excited to play!

So what do you think?
  1. Carla B says:

    very cute! so glad he got a chance to play in the snow before you leave. God Bless you as you prepare and travel.


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