Head Above Water

IMG_2889I didn’t even realize until I got home from Canada how badly I needed the time away.  I was barely keeping my head above water.  Trying to get through the days.  My patience levels lower than ever.  Feeling so overwhelmed that changing anything or trying something new seemed like a huge daunting impossible task.  I was running on empty. IMG_3103 The changes in our family have not been easy ones.  There has been a lot of adjusting, and a lot of chaos.   I expected it but nothing could have prepared me for it.   On top of that we have struggled a lot financially this past year and have had a lot of stress in ministry too.  Looking back, no wonder I was feeling a little more than stressed.  My little (3 week) trip could not have come at a better time.  God knew what I need before I even have to ask for it.  He provided a free ride home.

My kids were amazing on the bus.  IMG_2529IMG_2557They even surprised me.  How many 2 year olds do you know that could ride on a bus for 3 days and never cry even once.  IMG_2514That was a miracle in itself.

I had a lot of help and we were quite spoiled.  Some one even knitted Brielle’s doll a special outfit.  So cute!IMG_2622 I enjoyed my time hanging out with my family, visiting friends, and enjoying winter fun.  IMG_2824 IMG_2841I also fully appreciated using the clothes dryer and that I didn’t have to cook for 3 weeks.

Usually our trips home to Canada are super busy and not very relaxing.  I was intentional about not allowing that to happen this time.  My kids are not used to busy city life so I tried not  to overwhelm them (and me) too much with an overload of visiting. IMG_0042 They loved the snow.  IMG_2639IMG_2751Kayden’s highlights were going sledding with his cool uncle’s, his fun day at galaxy land and our (many) visits to Tim Hortons for doughnuts. IMG_3085 23 IMG_3054IMG_3076IMG_2869 IMG_2717Brielle’s highlight was her evening as a ballerina, when she got to join my friend Lauren’s  dance class. IMG_3037 She LOVED it!   IMG_3022 IMG_2952She was also excited to spend lots of time with Grandma and have a much too short visit with her friends Janay and Janine (aka Grandma).   67All in all it was great time away.

I just wanted to say sorry if my time with you was short or if I never saw you at all.  9The truth is, it is just impossible to see everyone I know and love without going home more exhausted than before.  It’s so hard to find a healthy balance.  IMG_2897

I got home feeling totally recharged to jump into my life again.  I know I need to take breaks more often.  I am a much better and happier wife/Mom/person when I take care of myself first.  Now I just need to find ways to make that a reality in my life here!IMG_2922

So what do you think?
  1. denna says:

    I’m so glad that you went home recharged!!! It was such a blessing that you and the kids were able to get away for a visit for a bit…in the cold!!! Hope that moving and unpacking goes as well as possible :)


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