Lego Star Wars Party

I thought I would share some pics from Kayden’s 5th birthday party in case any other Mom’s need some ideas for a Lego star wars party.  I found tons of ideas on pinterest, but this what we ended up doing…

I like to keep kids parties short, sweet, and full of things to do so that the kids don’t get into any trouble.  We started off with lunch, which was pizza that we ordered in.  Kids are so easy to please.  Saul had the idea of drawing lego faces on the balloons.Then we headed outside to play some games.  First it was a Lego hunt.  We hid Lego men and blocks all around the yard, and had the kids search for them.  Really easy game, and the kids had lot of fun.  Then we pulled out our big box of Lego and gave the kids 20 minutes to build the highest tower.  I was planning on giving prizes out, but could see that because of the competitive nature of the bunch of 4, 5 and 6 year old boys,  it was going to be a big problem.  Instead we declared the winners and then moved on to the next activity.  They didn’t seem to miss the fact that they didn’t win “something”.  Last game was a Lego relay, where the kids split into 2 teams and took turns carrying pieces of Lego on spoons.  We then moved on to the piñata.  Too bad my diy Lego piñata got so beat up.  We did rescue the head, and it’s now in the kids room.  To finish up the party we had some cupcakes and ice cream,  just in time for the kids parents to return. I didn’t have a cupcake stand so we quickly cut a 5 out of card board and covered it with red streamers.  I saw the star wars cup cake topper’s on my friend Denna’s blog (check out her son’s lego star wars party) but she got the printout from here.  It was, in my opinion, the perfect party.  Not too long, enough activities to keep everyone happy, but not enough time for the kids to start fighting!  You can see a few diy Lego ideas here for the invitations, favors and piñata.  Hope our party, can be a help to some one else!

So what do you think?
  1. says:

    Cute! Silas would LOVE that theme!

  2. Karen says:

    what a great party! love the pics with my favorite little man in them, can’t wait to get home


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