Little = A Lot

“We still aren’t even sure why we are here.” my friend told me.

I knew why.

Although they had hoped to visit in November, it didn’t seem like it was going to happen.  They had a certain date in mind, but didn’t think they were going to be able to afford the trip, especially with another upcoming trip to China, after Christmas, to get their adopted son.  It seemed impossible.  Then out of the blue, less than 2 weeks before their “hoped for” departure date, someone offered to buy a boat they didn’t have up for sale for a higher price than they would have thought of.

They saw it as God’s way of providing, sold the boat and quickly finalized their plans fot their trip south.

Although they may tell you that they didn’t do much, I would like to tell you different.  

This past month was a hard one for us.  Uncertain, is what best describes how we have felt.

We were needing to make some big decisions, feeling discouraged and confused.

What better time to have some great friends around?  Friends to remind us of our purpose here and that what we do here matters.

Friends who listen, encourage, and remind us of God’s good plan for us here.

Maybe they didn’t build something big, or finish some amazing project, or take part in a life changing “outreach”  but their friendship was a godsend.  

It’s truly the little things that matter most.  They  came and blessed many in practical and intentional ways.  Wether is was Sunday afternoons with some special kids who receive very little love and attention, helping fix our water problem (yay for 3 weeks straight with running water in my house) having a sweet kitchen helper and babysitter, countless good conversations in my kitchen, painting a friends house, visits to Las Aves, wrestling with my boys, and having lots of laughs, it was all noticed and appreciated!  So many “little” things equals a whole lot of blessing.

Thank you guys!  You were exactly what we needed right now.  We are so glad you came!   Thanks for loving our family, helping us in so many practical ways, listening to our hearts, sharing our love for family and adoption, and just being you.  Can’t wait till next year!

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