Independencia de Mexico

I love being a part of Mexican holiday’s especially the Independence of Mexico. It is just so fun.  The night before the actual holiday the orphanage hosts a party called “Noche Mexicana” for the community.  There are plenty of costumes, entertainment and great food.  I just love how bright and beautiful everything is!  I loved dressing my kids in colorful costumes, aren’t they adorable?  Brielle was so proud to carry her baby around!Kayden kept on saying “Look at me, I’m Mexican!”  It cracked me up.  The next day the majority of our town gathers to watch a parade and then to have some fun in the park.There are so many people and plenty of good authentic Mexican food to choose from.  Oh and you can buy eggs filled with confetti or flour to break on people’s head.  My kind of fun.Too bad it’s only once a year!

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