This post has been long over do.  I actually can’t believe that I haven’t wrote about this boy yet.  You have seen him in our family pictures anfd I have mentioned things about him here and there, but I have never really gone into much detail.  I think I’ve been putting it off because sometimes it’s so hard to put into words to describe someone you care about soooo much.

His name is Moises, we usually call him Moi.  Saul met him as a baby, he had a friend that took care of him since the first day he arrived at the orphanage.  I met him when he was 2.  There was just something about him that just made me fall in love with him from the begining.  He was so cute, with his chubby cheeks, and dimples.  He had a strong stubborn personality, and crazy tantrums, but that just made me want to be with him more.  I guess I like a challenge.  I felt like he needed me.  I used to bring him with me as much as possible.  We would have picnics, watch movies, go for ice cream and he would often coem to church with me.  He used to watch Shrek with saul, they must have watched it a 100 times together.  He used to call me Momma and as a young women of 19 he totaly melted my heart every time I heard him say it.  I love that boy, and have dreamed of having him as my own since the very begining.  When Saul and I got married and moved to Canada it was so hard for us to leave him.  We knew we wanted to have him in our family, but that we would have to wait until we moved back to try adopting him.  While living in Canada we did our best to stay in contact with him, we sent lots of cards, pictures and special packages.  We loved every visit with him, but it was always hard leaving him behind, not knowing when would be the next time we would see him again.

We have enjoyed every moment we have had with him since we have moved back.  I am sad for all the time we have missed of his life, but so happy that we get to be with him now.  He had a really hard year, and I am glad we were able to be there for him.  Kayden absolutely adores him, and has never shown a twinge of jealously, it’s like he just knew he was one of us.  Now Moi is 11.  I can’t believe he is that old.  We took advantage of having him with us as much as possible, and brought him with us as much as his house parents would allow.  This time when we left he had a really hard time, 3 months just seemed to long for him, and he cried.  So did we.  I can’t imagine ever leaving Kayden somewhere for 3 months, it just doesn’t seem fair that we have to leave Moi behind.

The good news is that their is now a chance he coud be ours soon.  We need your help in praying.  Adopting him is very complicated, we knew that from the beginning.  We always knew it was a good chance that it could never happen, mostly becasue he has a family.  Even though he has lived in the orphanage his entire life he has a family that genuinly cares for him, they never miss a visit.  So the only way to adopt him is if his family signs him over to us, and it just seemed unlikely that that could happen.  But we know that with God all things are possible.   The last year we made a consistant effort to spend some time with his family every time they visited, which is once a month.  We wanted them to see how much we love him, and see that we are actively involved in his life.  Right before we left we felt that God opened up a special opportunity to talk to them about adopting him.  They came for an unexpected visit the Sunday before we left, and we had already decided to talk to them the next time they visited, except we expected it to be when we returned.  We had a really good talk with his mom, aunt and grandma.  Overall they were very receptive, and we feel like it couldn’t have gone better.  They said they knew he doesn’t want to live at the orphanage any more, but they can’t get him our either, for a few different circumstances. They said they needed time to make a decision as a family, and would take the next 3 months to talk about it  and decide.

Please pray that Moi will be able become an official part of our family.  He really needs us, and we need him too.  To be honest, he is a hurting boy.  He has been through  a lot, and he really needs people in his life that will consistantly love him and be there for him.  We know that no matter what happens he is still our first son, and we will still be a part of his life, and that it will be good.  But we also believe in miracles. God has had His hand on this boys life from the very beginging.  He has consistanly placed people in his life to love him and pray for him.  We are honored to be  a part of His life, and are looking forward to see all the good that God is going to do through him.  Please pray for Gods will to be done in this situation!

So what do you think?
  1. Angela says:

    My prayers are with you and your family and Moi, praying he will become a permanent member of you family. You look so amazing together as a family. All the best!

  2. Krissy Smith says:

    What a beautiful and amazing family. Thank you so much for sharing! We’re praying!


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