Outside my window… Cardboard houses

There is poverty around every corner where I live.  Some areas are worse than others.  The area where Saul is building the house the majority of the people live in houses made out of cardboard and plastic.  It’s a new neighborhood.  A christian lady is selling lots for very cheap so that people can have a home of their own.  She allows the people to make whatever payments they can every month.  This is huge blessing, since most of these people barely live off what they make.   People are taking advantage of the great opportunity to have land of their own, so they make a house out of what they can.  Most start with a wood frame then they find whatever scraps of usable material such as cardboard, scrap metal, plywood or plastic to make the walls.  The family above (7 kids, a pregnant Mom and a Dad) lives in that little house.   I know that these pictures are hard to look at.  My question is, if you could would you do something about it?  I would love to give you the opportunity to change some ones life…



So what do you think?
  1. Beth says:

    What can we do Amber?

  2. Cheryl says:

    Yes we would – we totally would if we knew what to do…what do you have in mind?


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