Outside my Window: Dia de Muertos

I love learning about the Mexican culture!  I find the traditions and customs fascinating, even though I don’t necassarily agree with them all .  Yesterday was a holiday called “dia de muertos” or day of the dead.  The general idea is that people pay their respects to their lost loved ones by visiting the grave.  Most people clean up the plot and decorate the grave with flowers and candles.  For some people the day has very religious or spiritual significance, they make an altar and bring food as gifts to the spirits.  I wanted to see for myself, so a friend and I went to the graveyard in town to see….

We went back at night…Sadly it was also the one year anniversary of my father in law.  He is very missed!


So what do you think?
  1. denna says:

    loved seeing your photos! in Guate they fly huge kites in the cementaries…really amazing. probably the biggest flower-selling day of the year!


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