Outside My Window: Makeshift Fences

I have recently been fascinated by the variety of makeshift fences I have seen.  These fences are all in a little town nearby here.  I love the creativity, even though it sadly comes from lack of resources and poverty.  Take  a look at fences made from




stones, wire, and metal

weaved plastic


my favorite… bedsprings

I thought this was a snake, but it wasn’t thank goodness, I would have freaked out!

Some people don’t have fences

Last but not least I came across this lovely picket white fence in the same neighbourhood.  Quite the contrast isn’t it!  Can you see the Avon sign?  Random.

So what do you think?
  1. Cheryl Quist says:

    great recycling! We saw some of the bedspring fencing near Puerto Vallarta too – it’s actually a pretty secure fence!!!

  2. Katie says:

    I love the creativity and resourcefullness of the Mexican people!

  3. Denna says:

    love the sticks and bedsprings! does anyone have those sticks that you plant, then they just start growing? can’t remember what they are called….


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