Outside my Window : mi Bodega Aurrera and globos

You know that you live in a small town when the most exciting thing to do is go to the new commercial store that just opened.  We live in a small town in the middle of a valley.  The nearest city is 2 hours away.  Until now we  have not had anything even close to a commercial store in our town or any other town nearby.  All we had were small grocery stores that all sell the same products for pretty much the same price.  So last week when they opened ” mi Bodega Aurrera” (it’s related to Walmart, I’ve heard, cousins maybe? hee hee) everyone, and I mean seriously everyone, went to check it out.  It was pretty amusing…. but I can’t really make fun of people as I was one of them.  It was insanely busy.  Wall to wall people.  I only went to look.  I was happy to see a few things I have not seen sold here  before… it’s funny how some of the simplest things can make a person happy.  Who knew a packaged salad and granola bars could make my day?  Did I feel a little strange taking pictures in the grocery store?  Yes! but I am tall and white so I stand out anyways, I may as well just go with it.  I knew it was a real store when I saw the paved parking lot!  Fancy huh?

They even had christmas decorations… not that I bought any!  Why would I when I could get them at globos? which was my next stop.  Right now there is a huge assortment of Christmas decorations there for really cheap.  It’s so random, I love it!  I don’t think I’ll ever buy any new (store-bought) decorations ever again!  Last week, I found some pretty great treasures, thought I would share them with you.  It all cost less than $10 dollars!  Whoppie!

The red box is our new and improved baby proof Lego box.

My favorite purchase was the roll of textured wall paper.

Well that’s it folks, thanks for stopping buy and “shopping” with me!

So what do you think?
  1. Denna says:

    :) I loved shopping with you! I’m glad you were brave enough to take photos in the grocery store, I so enjoyed them and am now inspired to do the same thing. I would love to go to globos with you! That would be so much fun! way more fun than V.V. haha.
    Thanks for the post!

  2. Angela says:

    I loved the pics, glad you had a great time :)


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