Quinceañera – Masquerade

I had the privilege of helping with another quinceañera (a special ceremony/reception/party to celebrate a girl who turns 15) at the orphanage this past weekend.   I love that the girls in the orphanage are being honored with this special celebration!  It’s a tradition that most girls in the mexican culture look forward to for many years, and it’s so great that these girls are being blessed with this special day too.  Who more deserves to be honored then these girls who have often gone through so much?  I love how so many people rallied together to make it a special day for this girl to remember.  Truth be told I had very little to do with it this time.  The guest of honor had some great sponsors who came and took care of almost everything!  They were able to come all the way rom Kansas to take part of this special milestone!  They did most of the decorating and were here for the past week taking care if every last detail.     I was honored to help with pictures and also with the decorations that we hung from the ceiling Last week a bunch of the girls from the orphanage came to help me make the balls for the hanging chandelier.  The girls were so helpful!  I even got them to make some more paper balls a few hours before the party started as I realized we need it to be a bit bigger.The party had a masquerade theme, every girl was allowed to choose a mask when they came in.  I thought it was such a fun idea!  A friend, who is now volunteering at the orphanage, also took pictures, so I was able to participate more and enjoyed the night without feeling the pressure of having to capture every moment.  The kids stayed with abuela, so it was practically a date for us!  Isn’t this girl beautiful!  I was glad to be a small part in celebrating this lovely young lady!

Come back tomorrow to see more pics of this gorgeous girl, there were to many good ones to share at once!

So what do you think?
  1. denna says:

    wow, fancy!! I love the pic of you holding the decorations, it’s priceless! :)
    looking forward to seeing more pics!!


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