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Every Wednesday morning  I load my car with a bunch of faithful sewing machines and head to to Las Aves where several women are usually waiting for me.  We all unload and set up together at a local church in the community and spend the next couple hours sewing, chatting, learning and laughing together.  Most of the women have no experience with a sewing machine, and nervously touch the pedal the first time with giggles.  They proudly show me their first projects, usually a curtain, then a simple quilt or a bag.  A local tailor in the community teaches beyond my simple skills, helping the women advance.


A couple ladies already make extra money from home by making and selling school uniforms and baby clothes.  The pride they have in learning to make something is worth investing my time and money with.  It’s not just about making something crafty, it’s about gaining confidence, learning new skills, dreaming about a different life and being supported to actually make that happen.

Simply put, it’s helping people out of poverty.

Here is a little glimpse of what we do…

Thanks to the hard work put into a fundraiser by my home church, I now have the funds to finish the work on the house that will soon be used to host our program.  The funds raised will provide much needed security measures, electrical work, and needed supplies including work tables, chairs, shelving, new sewing machines and a serger.

Now I would like to focus on getting funds to fix up the outside part of the house, where the ground is uneven, the fence is in bad condition and it is generally unsafe for kids to play around.  Most of the ladies that participate in the program are Moms, with many of them bringing small children along with them.  It’s important to have an area outside that is both safe and fun for the the kids to play in.  That said, funds are needed so that we can level the ground, pour a cement slab, build a new fence with a gate, buy a shade and  purchase some outside toys.



Please consider supporting my friends in Las Aves.  I care for them so dearly, and really want to invest in their lives in ways that will really make a long term impact!   If you would like to support this project here are a few ways you can do that…

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Thank you for your love and support!

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