Thanks for caring enough to look into how you can support us and our family!

To live in Mexico and serve full time we rely on support from people like you.  You can help support us in the following ways…


Life gets a little lonely here, far from many friends and family, some times it’s just hard being so far away !  We often feel disconnected and “out of the loop”.  We love reading comments on the this blog, messages from friends and even phone or skype calls.  It’s nice to know we are missed and to catch up on all the things we are missing!  So please feel free to drop us a line or give us a call!


There are so many things we do not share on this blog about our life…. but let me tell you that we have had some pretty hard days.  We are just like you… we get discouraged, confused, and heart broken.  Please pray for us.  We need it.

A few requests we have right now are

  • Wisdom to make some hard decisi0ns
  • Peace and stability in our home as we go through a season of change with 2 new kids this year
  • Healing for Moises and Gloria, as they continue to adjust to life as part of our family.  They have been through a lot! Please pray for their hearts to be healed!
  • Provision – we are really struggeling finacially right now
  • Protection and safety
  • That we can have a healthy balance between ministry and family
  • Direction and vision for the future

Financial Support

We know that it’s a lot to ask you to support us with money.  We feel uncomfortable asking.

But honestly it is really needed.  We can not continue to serve in ministry unless we get more help in this area.

If you know us, love us, and believe in us and what we do please join our financial support team.  All donations come with a tax receipt.

Send checks to:

North Edmonton Christian Fellowship

9004 153 Av. Edmonton, AB


T5Z 3L6

Or you can do it online here.  Just click on donate now. Click on Fund/Designation and choose “Saul and Amber” and enter the required info.

Every month, the church deposits what came in into our account.

Thanks for taking the time to see how you can support us!  We really appreciate you and part you play in our lives!

Saul and Amber

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