The “M” Word

I hardly ever use the “M” word when I describe myself and what I “do”.  Pretty much the only time you will me hear say it is when I am at the Mexico/US border, and am asked “What are you doing in Mexico?”  and I quickly reply “I’m a missionary”.  It gets me through with out any hassle.

It’s not that I am embarressed to be a M…. you know.  I’m not.  I love that my “job” is serving Jesus in another country “full time”.  It’s just that I know I do not live up to the “Holy” status that comes along with that word.   Missionary’s are not saints.  Nope.  But some people think we are, and its hard living up to that unrealistic standard.

The truth is, I am pretty normal.

I don’t get up at 4 every day to pray.

I’ve never seen anyone risen from the dead.

Occasionally you may hear me say a bad word when I’m angry (gasp).

I like Starbucks, shopping and Grey’s Anatomy (I can’t believe I just admitted that here).

I have never done a 40 day fast or even been to bible school.

I’m incredably unqualified for any type of holy title, and I am fully aware that I am not worthy to be up on any type of pedistle that other people try to put me on.

I’m just like you.

Fears, doubts, issues, unsure of myself, selfish and so much more.

But here is the thing, what makes my life all the more beautiful.  You don’t have to be a special type of person to do good things.

When Jesus showed up, He changed everything.  He came to a culture that was all about trying to be Holy, where those trying to live a godly  life were willing to do everything and anything possible to receive a righteous title…  Jesus came and put it all to a royal hault.

“2 things,” he said.  Thats all that is required.

Love me.

Love people.

That’s it.

Sounds so simple and easy doesn’t it?

Not so much.  He meant all people.  Not just the ones you like.

He meant the rude ones, the smelly, the poor, the down right crazy ones, the judgemental ones that make you feel like crap,  the “friends” who talk behind your back, those family members you just can’t get along with, the ones that hurt you more than you ever thought imaginable, the ones you can’t understand and just don’t like being around.

We are all in the same boat, titles and labels aside, learning to love like Jesus asks us to, because we believe in Him enough that we can’t ignore what He says.

The good news is, we don’t have to do it alone.  Thank goodness.  He holds our hands and walks us through it.


Thats the mission.

If you believe in Him, His message and mission… technically you are a missionary too.

Welcome to the team.

Now go and do something, because you were not made to stand on the side lines watching others do good.


P.S.  I wear skinny jeans (not flowered patterned skirts or dresses).  I thought you should know.

So what do you think?
  1. Sharon says:

    I love Grey’s Anatomy too. And you are a wonderful example of someone who loves. I’ve always admired you and somewhat envied you the love you live with with your family and your ability to love others.


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