Three Hundred

I’m pretty proud to say.. this is my 300th post! Yippeee!
It’s also my first time posting on the new site ( Yeah! Let’s celebrate shall we?

I am really happy and excited to have a new look (what do ya think?), but it’s still a work in progress.

I meant to have it all done but I just couldn’t wait to get posting!

I will continue to work on things when I can (spare time is not something I have a lot of).

Take a little look around and please subscribe (scroll down to the bottom) if you want to recieve updates by e-mail (if you were subscribed before you’ll have to do it again… sorry)!!

Welcome to my new home on the web!


So what do you think?
  1. Kenia says:

    Que chido, que ya tienes tu propia página se como se siente! :)
    Yo soy una mucha personas que leen tu blog aunque casi no comento jaja … siempre estoy al pendiente… por ustedes y por saber de mi hermosa Baja California.

    Espero que esten muy bien, saludos a Saul, cuando puedan vengan a visitarnos a Pto. Vallarta las puertas siempre están abiertas para ustedes!

  2. good job! love your crazy photos! how did Saul jump that high?
    (Lyra just said “duh, Mom, he’s a Mexican jumping bean!!” with all her love of course!!)

  3. Natasha says:

    Love it!!!
    Mexican jumping bean alright :) You are jumpin pretty high too, fitting in very well :-)
    Blessings <3


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