Up Close: Settling In


I have missed writing so much.  I keep on trying to get back into this, but I feel so overwhelmed with where to start.  I have lots to say, lots of things I want to share about my family, me,and our crazy lives, but struggle with how to to share.  Plus I know more people are listening, and that kind of scares me.   I decided to just jump in today.  Nothing too serious.  Just a quick update and some pics of our family.

It’s been one year since we started working with Welcome Home.  It’s been an intense year of learning and adjusting.  Not easy.  We have grown and learned so much.  Thinking back over the year I mostly see good.  We work with a great team of staff, we have been able to make some positive changes, have made some wonderful new friends, and have finally settled into where God has placed us.


The kids are good._MG_0905



Spunky, smart, a little dramatic (ha ha, ok more than a little), and a imgaination that surprises us a little more each day.

_MG_0244_MG_0753  She fills our home with sweet songs, stories and giggles, and lights up every room  she walks into.  This is her last year at home, before kindergarten.  I plan to enjoy every minute of it.


_MG_0996 Toothless, calm, inteligent, and funny.  Transitioning into elementry school was quite hard for him, but he seems to be doing great so far this year.  He got to go to kids camp this year as camper, and he LOVED it. _MG_0345_MG_1013This boy, is a delight.  He is always eager to learn new things, and is fun to be around… most of the time. He is learning how to be a friend and how to have self control and respect for others.  He has come a long way.  I think this will be a good year for him!



Handsome, outgoing, talented, and loud.  These days this boy brings me a lot more smiles than ever before.  His heart is healing, he’s learning to trust, has confidence, and is maturing.  He took a break from school last year.

Best.  Desicion.  Ever.

He  starts a home school like program this year.  Keeping him close to us has been so good for him.


I am excited about this boy’s future.  He will do great things.




Gentle, sweet, fun, and beautiful.  She has persevered  through school, when she wanted nothing more than to give up. She graduated highschool, and we are so proud of her.  This year she has to do some upgrading, hopes to get a part time job, and will pursue some personal goals and hobbies.  This year was hard for her emotionally, as some family members became a part of her life again.  She had to make some tough choices, which she did with caution and maturity.


We are so proud of her!



_MG_0071We are growing as leaders.  Succeeding at some things and failing in others.  Trying our best to balance ministry and family.  We are thankful for where we are right now, even though we often feel overwhelmed and humbled to be doing what we do.   More than anything we are hopeful for new and good things and are trusting God in and for everything.

It has been a hard year, but a good year!

Other News

We just had our very first summer here at Welcome Home, and it was busy!   We are thankful for the opportunity to serve with many people from all over the US and Canda, loving the people in our community.  We made many new friends in the process, and got to be a part of helping and blessing a lot of families and ministries in our community.

The little kids and I got to go Canada for a few weeks this summer.  IMG_5834_MG_0496

We enjoyed a very restful time at our favorite camp, which was exactly why we went.

The kids had so much fun, and I was so thankful to enjoy quality time with them without any outside distractions.

_MG_0296If you have been where I live, you know exactly what I am talking about it.  It can be incredibly busy and chaotic at times, so time away is really needed.  We also enjoyed some great time with family and a few friends.  Most the people we saw where at the camp, as we had very little time to visit many others while we are Edmonton, so sorry if we missed you!  We will be coming as a family in November though, and will be there a few weeks, so we will have more time to visit those that we missed.


Prayer Requests

For wisdom as we continue to balance our family life with ministry, it is soooooo hard!

We are working on getting paper work to bring Gloria and Moi with us to Canada.  It’s not an easy process and the visas we need to bring them can be very difficult to obtain, especially since we have no legal documents proving that they are part of our family. Please pray for miracles.  We are hoping to bring them to Canada in November.

For an increase in our financial support.  We struggle.  That’s all I am going to say.

We NEED a new vehicle.  We have outgrown the one we have (a 5 seater SUV) and have recently had a lot of problems with the one that we have.

For health and safety.  I have had a LOT of stomach/digestive problems this past year, partly due to parasites, food poisening and other fun stuff that are a part of living in a foreign country, and also due to stress.  Please pray for healing and for safety for our family where we live and where we go.


Thanks for your interest, care and love for our family!




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