Up Close: Transition

I think it’s time I gave a little update on where we are right now… I’m not going to lie, I have been avoiding it.

Some times it’s hard to find the words to explain your life, especially when you don’t even fully understand it.

Transition has seemed to be the theme of our lives for the past 4 years since we moved here.  It seems like since the day we moved back to Mexico with our (then) small family, it has been nothing but change and adjusting to new things.

Adjusting to new jobs at the orphanage (for me) and church (for Saul).IMG_9544

Moving off the orphanage property into a rented house in town.IMG_6418

Welcoming a new baby and being back in Canada for 6 months.IMG_2555

Saul working in Canada, me alone with kids in Mexico for a bit.

Not being under a ministry, but busy building a new house for a dear friend.IMG_7944IMG_9614

Recieving and accepting an invitation to work with the Erma Fennel Foundation.

Moving onto the EFF grounds.

Serving with EFF for a year and halfIMG_5662

Becoming a family of 6 after welcoming Gloria and Moises into our home and family (within 6 months of each other).4

Having 3 kids in school for the first time this year… 3 different schools (kindergarten, junior high, and highschool).IMG_4590

So where are we now? In transition.  Ha ha.   We no longer serve with EFF.  It was time for us to step back.  We are still more than willing to serve with them as needed, but we felt it was time to move off the property and reevaluate a bit.   It was our choice, and we have peace about it.  For the summer Saul has a temporary job working with an organization called Live Different.  He is doing a building project for them on their property and helping build houses for people in need in our community.  After that?  Well we are not sure yet.  We know God is the one leading and we know all of our experiances up to now have had a purpose.  We have learned so much.  We aren’t sure what the next step is yet, but we know it will be good.


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