Upclose: Our lives are CRAZY!

IMG_5144So I thought it was about time to pop in here, and give a little Machado update.  So where do we start….

It’s been almost 4 months since we started serving with Welcome Home, and we moved onto the base here.  It has been more than a little crazy.  We have spent the last few months adjusting to our new roles, getting to know our coworkers better, and trying to see how we can be most helpful.  We have learned  a lot, and will continue to do so.  We are still very excited about the opportunity to serve here, and are looking forward to see how we can use our gifts.  It’s an exciting time for us!  It’s also a crazy time…  Our lives have be turned complettely upside down.   After enjoying a few very calm and quite months, in a little house in the country, where we  had a lot of time to be together as a family, we are now living in the middle of chaos.

It’s hard to explain… but I will try.

Let me tell you about yesterday.

I started the day with plans.  I needed to take care of some paper work and e-mails from the office (it’s on the property, but not in my house), go to a baby shower, do some more work on the computer in the office, and watch my friends kids for a couple of hours.  Busy day.  Kayden woke up not feeling good, after listening to him cough his way through the morning routine, we decided to keep him home.  IMG_5561Saul ended up being able to change his plans, so he could stay around for the morning.  After reading a couple of books with Kayden, I headed to the office.  After an hour there, I returned home to finish up  the work on my own computer.  Honestly, it was a simple job, except the fact that Kayden was making typical boy sound effects and it was really hard for me concentrate.  I was losing my patience fast, and by the time I was the done the job, I was almost in tears.  I took everything in me not to lash out at him in frustration.

From there I rushed to get a gift ready, to make it to a baby shower.  Only when I got there, I realized I was the only guest, and Mommy and baby were not even home.  I stayed and visited with the kids in the home for a bit, then got back in the car and headed home to make it in time for lunch.  IMG_5538We eat in the big kitchen with the staff and daycare kids.  It’s great saving the money on groceries, and eating with staff and visitors, but hard on my youngest 2 kids, who some times just want to eat at home.  Today it wasn’t too much of an issue, thankfully.  After lingering over lunch a bit, trying to catch my breath, I proceeded to help put lunch away.  Two friends dropped off their (awesome, amazing and well behaved ) kids to play in my house.  One of them was working in the office, the other had an appointed to go to.  After helping our friend get started on a job in the office, I returned home to watch the kids.  There was a total of 4  teenagers, 5 kids, and one baby in and around my home.  IMG_5553Thankfully, Saul was also around, and kept the older ones busy out side.  After 10 minutes of trying to shush 4 school age kids, to not to wake up Brielle as she napped, I decided a movie would be best.  I settled in to watch the movie with the kids, enjoying the almost quiteness and the chance to snuggle and feed a two month old sweet baby boy.  Just as the movie started, an older lady, who we have been helping, stops in for a visit, and some advice about something.  Thankfully, she doesn’t stay too long, and I am able to rest a bit more.  Brielle wakes, slightly offended I have a baby in my arms, but gets over it quickly and snuggles close beside me.  Just as the movie ends, I am surprised by some other visitors, the Mommy from the morning “baby shower” had  come to find me.

IMG_5560I welcome her, her husband, mom and 2 sisters inside to chat for a bit.  I was genuinely happy to see them, it had been awhile.  AT this time there are  18n people hanging inside and around my home.  Eighteen.  Shortly aftere, 3 of the kids get picked up by there Mom, the visiting Mom leaves and then a little later 2 more kids get picked up by there Dad.  The house seemed empty with just the 6 of us, but I was done.  I just wanted to be alone.  Thankfully I had plans to go out for the night, and was able to do just that., but usually that is not an option.

This is my life people.

It is insane.

And although, not every day looks like this, to be honest it is becoming the norm.  We have a never ending list of things to do, people stopping by, and people to visit.  I have no idea how to balance it all.  My very best attempts to establish some type of routine for my kids and boundaries from the outside world, are constantly being challenged and defeated.  There is so much good in it all, but also so much stress.   I have no spare time for anything.  Not for hobbies (crafts, photography, blogging), writing family and friends, or me time (this has been my first time out alone since September).  We try to use  any free time we have with the kids or to go out as a couple, but even our evenings and weekends are often interrupted by unannounced visitors and others needing help.  Last weekend, for example, we ended up having to go to 4 different meetings (each was about 2 hrs long), from 3 separate ministries, when just days before the entire weekend looked like it was going to be laid back and free.  It’s crazy how quickly things can change!

I hesitated in sharing this, but this is our reality.  I want to be real and vulnerable here, because I know people like you care about us.

Thankfully, we are heading out for some time away this next week.  Please pray that we can enjoy the week resting and enjoying our family.  Also if you have any thoughts, wisdom, or advice on how to manage both ministry and family, please feel free to share.  Please keep us in your prayers as we figure this out.

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