Why being a Mom is not enough (for me)

IMG_0366I love being a Mom.  Nothing in my life as been more difficult and rewarding than loving my 4 kids.  I love being home home with them, learning with them, laughing with them, and crying with them too.  Being a Mom consumes my life in every way.  It determines when I wake up, how I eat, how busy my day is, what makes me laugh, how I spend my evenings, weekends and extra time.    I could easily live every moment for them, consumed on how I could be better, do more and love larger.  Yes, I want to be better, the books beside my bed tell of my dedication to be a better Mom, my never ending to-do list speaks of my dedication to the job that never ends, and my willingness to give my self for them every single day shows a love deeper than I thought possible.IMG_0712

But it is not enough.

My kids may be the one of the greatest things in my life but they are not the centre of the world.  If I live my life as a Mom letting them believe that they are, I am not only doing great damage to them, but am also hurting myself, my marriage and the other people I am called to serve.IMG_5789

This is harder to live than it is to stay.    Because the truth is, I would absolutely love to live my life in a happy little Mom bubble of fun. I can just see it…. A life with more activities, sports, crafts and cooking.  Long days spent at home, just me and the kids, enjoying our perfect little world as a family.  Of course there would be tantrums, disobediance, impatience, tiredness and frustration in between all that, because that just comes with the job… but life would be ideal if all my choices were based on the happiness of me and my kids.

At least it seems that way.  IMG_4903

I think most Mom’s get pulled into that idea, at one time or another.  Being a Mom is so consuming that it tends to just take over your life, and you tell yourself that “This is it, this is what I am meant to be and do”, and it is… but that’s just part of your story.IMG_5849

The other part of the story is pretty inconvenient.  It’s living a life with open eyes, aware that the world is far bigger, complicated and hurting than you have ever imagined.

Denying that is living a lie, and teaching your kids to do the same.

Moms you were meant for more.


I know the days are long, and many days we feel like we can hardly make it through, and it’s hard to imagine giving more than you are already…. but you are called to live a life of LOVE.  A love that goes beyond the walls of your home and into the world.  All that God given, sacrificial Mom love needs to be shared.


In the village where we serve some of the ladies have told me that I am like their Mom.

Just last week a lady told me

” I never had a Mom.  You are like my Mom.”

This both shocked and humbled me.  The lady is older than me, how could I be her Mom?  But I get it… us Moms, we live a life sacrificing for our kids.  Our love needs to be patient and kind, even after receiving the worst treatment from little people who are just learning how to do life.  Our love teaches grace, kindness, and service.  Our  God given love has the power to transform and touch lives.IMG_5560

If we can can learn to love our kids so well, shouldn’t we pass on that love to those who have never experienced it?

Wouldn’t it be a shame and a diservice to the world to only give that love to our offspring and not to the countless people hurting, and hungry for a love like that?  The old, young, single Moms, abandoned, abused, neglected, divorced, poor, self loathing, angry, lonely, hurt, imprissioned, the difficult… the unloved._MG_0324

I believe, know and have experienced that love changes everything.IMG_1598

Your kids need to see you loving.  If you want to be the best Mom you can be then show them the truth.

Life is not about them.

There is a whole world of hurting people (adults and children) out there, who need some one to show the sweet compassion you give to your kids every single day..  You may not be able to help them all, but you can do what you can to help those around you.

You can be love to some one else.7

You can take a meal, give a ride, make a visit, open your home, make a call, listen, give your time, give your stuff, open your arms, and love.

If you live a life of love, your kids will live by your example to do the same.IMG_6467

You can help change a generation of kids who believe they are entitled to it all, and show them that their is so much more to life than just being “happy”

You can raise  world changers.IMG_6234

That is more than enough.



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