Why I love Quinceañeras

  One of the customs of having a quinceañera (15th birthday) is to ask different people to sponsor or take care of certain things.  Every detail is taken care of by some one close to the person celebrating.  A couple of ladies who work at the orphanage made these cakes.  Don’t they look great!The party was held in an old theatre at the orphanage that was recently redone.  It is a beautiful old building!   I was able to find a big bolt of fabric to borrow, and Saul was nice enough to help me hang it all up.  I love how my husband is always on board to help me with whatever my latest crazy project it.   I love him.  Her sponsors decorated the tables

Some close friends sent money for the dress.

And shoes

A friend did her hair.

Leaders at the orphanage helped plan, organize, made invitations, and gave a special message to the girl of honor.

A brother and good friend were chosen as chabulans to escort her down the aisle.

Close relatives are invited.  That’s one of my favorite things.  Having family see their girl honored in a celebration they most likely would not have been able to give them.  There are a lot of smiles and tears.

In the end, with all these gifts combined, a wonderful evening has been given to honor a well deserving young lady.  A night to be honored, celebrated and treated like a princess.  It makes me smile.  A girl, living in an orphanage, given the night of her life… a night to remind her she is the daughter of a King!  What could be better than that?

So what do you think?
  1. Carla B says:

    Stunning! What a gorgeous and unique dress and the decorations are amazing. Man I wish we could have been there for the this years quineaneras. The girls are growing up so quick!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful event! And what a beautiful young lady. I’ve hear a little bit about her, what a special prize for God’s kingdom she is. That’s so cool that you got to be a part of this.

  3. denna says:

    beautiful! wow to the cakes!!! I’m guessing those are real flowers on the cakes?

  4. Sharon G. says:

    Beautiful girl, beautiful dress, beautiful cakes. What a wonderful tradition this Quinceañeras thing is! I may have to have one for my daughter in 9 and a half years. Is there a similar thing for boys?


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